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I am thinking about disapearing here....

I am thinking about allot of fresh new starts when i am moving next week to my new house:

-stoping with smoking
-make more clothing
-finding out witch dreams i want to follow
-Finnally making my own home, where i will stay for a long long time stop moving every few months...
-and much more...

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I am pretty nerveus at the moment because i wil start a new function on my work today (Allot of typing and sitting behind the computer) and in the summer i wil have a manger function in the restaurant strange to have such a job upgrade :s

And why dident this happend a few weeks later because i am also so nerveus about changing houses with my boy. There are so much hidden cost and now we have to work our asses of otherwise we have to cancel it al.... (already 3 weeks in a row now working 6 days....pfff i need to relax)

And because of this tension in the air i started to smoke sigarets again....:( alraedy one month i dident......)

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O when i see this picture of my girlfriend in australia i dont understand what the hell i am doing in hollandl......but not coming but next i am going to travel with here so it a nice idea in my mind :)

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I am having a great day :)

- I don't have any debt's anymore with my parents.
- i go to see a house this afternoon with my boy and have 4 fieuws next week :D:D
- today was the last day i talked with the person i was talking to in the last 3 months a lot hase changed!!
- i have a free day of work
- i am gonne see suzan today :D:D
- i had a new job offer on my job where i am now also paying more :D
- And i am feeling better and better on how i am and look not so insucure al the time :)


......Today is the first day of my new live....